Ballad of a Thin Book

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She longed for a return to nature,
In tiny footprints on the green alley,
Dreaming of the downtrodden, the forgotten
Nature. She found her way to the valley.

All in tune with womanly emotions,
Her full attention gave in to a flower,-
Fresh, blooming, part of a picturesque
Landscape, one that confers power.

Child, if only you open your eyes to vision
You will see nature bent to your will.
Look at the clouds in full motion.
Bring your thoughts to a complete still.

The yellow dandelions dance in the sun.
They robbed it of eight rays; they took
All the warmth to leave behind aggressive clouds
In motion. The child searched her pockets for a book.

She found some thin pages hidden
In her jacket. Sat down beneath a tree
To capture the pleasures of simple
Reading. An easy line sets her free.

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